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New Rental Laws Thailand
    New Rental Laws Thailand 1st May 2018 - New Rights for Tenants   On the 1st  May the 2018 a new set of rental laws came into force in Thailand. In this article we will take a look at the impact the new rental laws have had and also take a look to see if they are they being adhered to: Summary of the new rental laws in Thailand   The main aim of the laws are to provide more protection to renters in Thailand. Essenti... Read More


Relocation Services – Bangkok
Moving company Bangkok - Thailand It is often said that moving is one of life's most stressful events. Obviously, there will be varying degrees of stress depending on the number of possessions you have acquired and also whether you’re moving on your own or with a family or flat mates. Whether or not you are a bachelor living in a studio in Phrakanong or a family of 5 living in a large apartment in Phrom Phong however, it's still an event th... Read More


Looking For An Affordable Early Years School In Bangkok?
Take a look at BERNIE British International Prep Kindergarten and Early Years I hear some people say, “…another international Early Years and Kindergarten…there are so many!”  But isn’t it great that parents have a choice of top quality education for their children! BERNIE British International Prep Kindergarten & Early Years is a new school for children aged between 2-6 years old. Located in Huamak, between Ramkamhaeng 24 and ... Read More


Strong demand in Bangkok’s real estate investment market
There is a surfeit of equity in the Bangkok real estate investment market with expectations high that it will achieve the highest transaction volumes in seven years, according to JLL's adjusted forecasts for 2014. There are acute shortages of high-end living space in the capital, which has helped to enhance the confidence of developers and generated a wave in new construction projects. This in turn has affected Bangkok office rents, having rea... Read More


Imperial Land Group to invest 6bn in hotels and shopping malls
Imperial Land Group is planning to invest over Bt6 billion in Bangkok in hotels and shopping malls and is aiming at listed the company on the stock market by 2016. managing director Suwan Lertpunyaroj explained the reason behind the decision that "these types of property will offer more consistent growth and income to the group" as it plans to float shares on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The Imperial Land Group was established in 1992 by th... Read More