Circle Sukhumvit 31 condominium project by Fragrant Group


Circle Sukhumvit 31 is an eco-friendly 30-storey project and the presale was set for March 29 with prices starting at Bt137,000 per square metre. There are 139 one-, two- and three-bedroom units on a plot of land of just over a rai and it also has penthouse units. The developer is Fragrant Group, a company that has been facilitating new property projects in real estate since 2003. Circle Sukhumvit 31 is valued at 1.5 billion baht with prices starting at Bt6.3 million per unit.

Its first project was Fragrant 71, which proved to be a massive success. The group then developed The Prime 11 as its next project, a high-rise condominium located on Sukhumvit soi 11. This was then followed by the launch of its third project Circle, which is situated on New Petchaburi road.

The rooms in Circle Sukhumvit 31 have been designed so that the kitchen can be closed up when not in use and residents can also adjust the placement of the shelving, storage and the television to their tastes. The living room can be folded up into a spare bed, along with the dining table.

The CEO had seen interior designs in Germany, where the furniture was not restricted to any specific function and this inspired him to adapt this concept to the Circle Sukhumvit 31 project. As well as having a striking design, this fully multifunctional idea, where the resident can configure their space, is a novel one for Bangkok, where one-bedroom unit can become two or a two-bedroom unit can become three. The project will incorporate a Smart Automatic Parking System and use special building materials in the design, which will control the level of heat in the building help reduce energy costs.

Another of the eco features is a solar shield that will reduce energy usage and costs and the heat from the air compressors will be redirected into making hot water, reaching temperatures of 60 degrees to also save energy for residents.  Water that is dispensed from the units will be recycled for watering the common area garden.

Circle is a prototype condominium project in Bangkok and is the first to use solar cells to generate electricity to power the common areas, which have energy-saving LED bulbs. The bulbs use only 10 per cent of the energy required by condos that have been built to date that have a life of up to 100,000 hours. When compared to regular bulbs that only last up to 1,000 hours, it is a huge energy saving. It is also the first condo to use double-glazed windows to eliminate noise and deflect heat.

To give readers some idea of what they can expect for their money, a one bedroom, one bathroom, 46sqm unit will cost just over 7.5 million baht. With the weakening baht it lowers the bar for foreign buyers, who will often buy in cash to take advantage of this opportunity. It is located not far away from the BTS at Asoke a little further to the BTS at Phrom Phong.