Renting an apartment or condo in Bangkok


Renting an apartment in Bangkok is a fairly simple exercise as long as you know your budget, living requirements and the area that suits you best. We have thousands of properties on our books covering most of the metropolitan area and we will present you with options according to your specific requirements and budget range.

Normally, an apartment is available for rent on a six-monthly or yearly contract but in some special cases owners are willing to allow tenants to stay for a shorter period of time. It is common practice for property owners to handle issues that may arise by dealing with you directly and our job as a real estate agency is to help you find the right property in the right location and at the right price.

Most Bangkok apartments available for rent require you to leave a two-month deposit, which is refunded at the end of the rental period. This applies to renting an apartment, condo, or house for residential purposes. At Rent Bangkok Apartments we do not receive monthly payments from the landlord but rather ask the owner for a one-time payment when the rental contract has been signed and payment has been made. However, if you do need any further assistance, especially if you are a newcomer to Bangkok, we offer our services for free.

We like to think that the services we offer are first and foremost unbiased in that we will only show you properties that have a good reputation for maintenance and care and that offer value for money. Our recommendations and advice is available to you as a matter of course, especially for expats coming to live in Bangkok for the first time as they have a lot to learn, not only about the city but also about Thai customs and way of life. For most, being near to the BTS (Skytrain) or the MRT (underground system) is important as it is easier to travel in and out of work and to get to places of interest quickly and effortlessly.

When the lease period ends and the keys are handed back to the owner, the property will be checked for inventory and damages, utility bills will be calculated for the period of your occupancy and the deposit will be returned. To avoid any problems that may result from unscrupulous landlords, as a professional real estate agency we have sufficient experience and knowledge of the market to minimise the risk and would not have suggested you rent from a landlord with a bad reputation in the first place. You can be rest assured that the question of landlords not refunding security deposits is an extremely rare occurrence, as they want to build a lasting relationships with Bangkok agencies.

As a general checklist of what you might like to consider when renting an apartment: public and private transportation is easily available; the neighbourhood is safe and barking soi dogs will not disturb your peace; the building is well maintained and is clean and tidy; the apartment block has adequate security; the utility charges and the common area management fee are reasonable; the apartment has a good internet connection; and the amenities are those that you require, such as a gym, pool and restaurant.

For more detailed information, please see our Rent Apartments Bangkok page.